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Act to negate ruling on campaign financing

Act to negate ruling on campaign financing

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The Supreme Court majority recently ruled that corporations have the same right to finance political campaigns as individuals, and their funding of political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited as long as they are independent of the candidates’ own campaign organizations.

Now, corporate and special interest groups can influence candidates, judges, agency heads, reporters and mass media with unlimited campaign spending as they strive for a corporate controlled America.

Corporate money already manipulates the political process.  For example, the monopolistic insurance giants were able to retain their controlling position in the health care reform effort. Patients United Now, a front group for Koch Industries, helped kill legislation that would restructure health insurance to provide patients fairly priced quality care. 

As stated in a Feb. 24 letter, corporate wealth can “steal our elections” at both state and federal levels.

Billions will be spent on media advertising to defeat candidates who oppose corporate agendas and to support those who will. Even U.S. subsidiaries of foreign corporations may donate to corporate shills running for office. 

The court’s decision has negated congressional authority to regulate corporate power, and we can’t depend on voters to find the truth amid the media bombardment that corporations will unleash in support of their candidates.

Congress should quickly pass the Fair Elections Now Act, which bars congressional candidates from accepting campaign donations larger than $100 plus smaller contributions and public funds. We need a constitutional amendment that revokes the court’s decision and prevents corporate buying of elections.

Richard Salome, Normal


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