It seems like we are in the midst of another swine flu epidemic. Even the World Health Organization of the United Nations wants every person on the planet to be vaccinated against it, or we're all going to get it and some will die.

We were told the same thing in the 1976 swine flu scare, but that seems to be all it was.

In 1976, our governments top vaccination expert, Dr. J. Anthony Morris, director of a branch of FDA virus research, said "There is no evidence that swine flu is a 'killer.' The swine flu vaccine is worthless."

There was only one possible swine flu death at Fort Dix, N.J. At Fort Dix all of the soldiers were vaccinated with the new swine flu vaccine and over 500 of them became sick with the flu and one soldier died. This only proved that the vaccine at best was useless in preventing the flu and at worst caused it in some.

Still over 25 million Americans were vaccinated with the vaccine and between 300 and 1,600 of those people died and countless thousands got sick, many with permanent health problems.

It is interesting to note that according to doctors such as Eleanora McBean, not one of the other 190 million Americans who did not take the vaccine died.

The doctors in WHO in 1976 seem to be much more honest and ethical compared to the current ones.

Dr. G. Nossel said, "You Americans ought to have your heads examined."

Victor Connor



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