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Bad foreign policy root of energy woes

Bad foreign policy root of energy woes

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Congressman Ron Paul has interesting insights into energy and foreign policy. He has challenged Bush’s provocative policy toward Iran. Paul says Iran has a legal right to develop nuclear energy as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

High oil prices are linked to instability in the Middle East and economic growth of China. Who invaded Iraq and is building 14 permanent bases? Who is provoking Iran? And, who is on a fast track to move our industry to China? Bush and Wall Street!

NAFTA was supposed to help Mexico’s economy but drove millions of farmers out, and China undercut Mexico’s wages putting millions more on the road to Uncle Sammy land.

Venezuela nationalized its energy resources. Our CIA probably encouraged Chavez’s temporary overthrow resulting in open hostility. Now Chavez is dealing oil to China plus a proposed pipeline to the Pacific.

For decades our School of the Americas taught military repression and torture to dictators.

Many presidents demonized Fidel Castro. Dittoes for Bush. Now China and Cuba are discussing oil drilling.

Is the picture becoming clearer? Energy problems are due partly to faulty foreign policy plus weak leadership on fuel efficient vehicles.

Scrap NAFTA, enforce our borders, reverse movement of industry to China, abandon pre-emptive wars and open trade with Cuba. Apply mutual assured destruction to Iran.

If Bush causes another unnecessary war, impeach him.

Feels like we are aboard the Titanic with icebergs reported and the “decider” just ordered full speed ahead.

Kudos for the CIA analyst who flogged Rumsfeld for lies about the Iraq war.

Gary M. Bourret



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