On May 30, I almost killed a man on the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Washington Street. As I reached the intersection, a man on a bike appeared from seemingly nowhere. From the corner of my left eye, I saw this 'mechanized pedestrian' crossing the intersection using the facility meant for pedestrians only, or so I thought. I was able to stop my behemoth truck before humanity was destroyed.

Why is it that it is illegal for a motorist to operate a vehicle without a driver’s license but it is ok for any person to get on a bike and share the busy road with everyone? What kind of mandatory training should be provided to bikers who travel on busy streets so that they can avoid potentially deadly mistakes?

Shouldn't wearing a helmet be the law like wearing a seat belt is? Why was the biker, in this particular instance, using a pedestrian crossing? Is that allowed? Why did this biker not stop when the crossing sign said "Don't cross" like other pedestrians? Why should a biker be allowed to become a pedestrian when it is convenient and demand the same rights as other motorists have, when it is convenient?

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Motorists like me should be trained to see a human being riding on two wheels and pedals for fun or fancy. Bikers should be trained in safety and rules of the road. Loss of life is unacceptable, when it could be avoided by training and outreach.

Sheheryar Muftee, Bloomington


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