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Choices being limited more all of the time

Choices being limited more all of the time

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Isn't it odd how freedom of choice, those choices being legal, are suddenly not OK if disagreeable to some? I can choose whether to own a gun, drink alcohol or smoke. I can choose what to do with my body as a woman, and if I want a male, a female or none for a partner in life, I can choose how to live and where.

We all pay taxes in some form for the benefit of all. Some of these taxed, legal choices have become a battlecry for war based on someone trying to say they should choose for me. Who died and left them my boss? What right do they have to tell me how, when and where I can make my personal choices? I realize I have to abide by the law, but when the law backs me up, why do these people feel that it's wrong anyway.

Because we have lost the power to make our government account for every penny, because we as citizens have lost our right to live the way we choose in our choices, some people feel they should turn on others about even more choices left. When did things become witch hunts?

When even more individual choices are lost due to more regulations, will everyone be happy. No, we'll wake up one morning wondering when we lost everything. We'll see freedom abandoned us. The finger will point to the cause - ourselves.

Debra Hale



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