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Concealed carry won’t ensure safety

Concealed carry won’t ensure safety

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This is a personal experience perspective on the current concealed carry debate.

Having long been aware of the value of exercise, I walk four miles daily early every morning. Three months ago while walking at about 6 a.m. I was accosted by two young men. One passed me, turned and confronted me and demanded money. Not responding immediately, I soon felt the metallic end of the barrel of a pistol against my cheekbone. I was vigorously pushed to the pavement and my billfold was taken before the assailants ran away.

Later, when describing the episode to friends, one said facetiously that I should have been carrying a gun. I then realized the wisdom of my former supervisor when I was driving CTA buses in Chicago during the summers when I was a student. I was advised that if held up, I was to surrender the money without resistance. “It is cheaper to replace the money than to pay your medical bill.”

This episode made me aware of two things: It is easy to obtain a gun for malevolent purposes and having a gun with the intent to use it would likely have resulted in the injury or death of one or both of us.

I realized multiple abrasions, losing the money, having the hassle of changing credit cards, getting a new driver’s license and changing bank information was a small price to pay for surviving the incident.

Concealed carry providing safety is an illusion.

John A. Bertsche



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