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This letter is in reference to possible elimination of the Teal J line. As a frequent rider of the Teal J, I object.

I am disabled; my only transportation is this bus line. I moved to Bloomington in December 2001, thinking that a city this size would have transportation I could depend upon. I was wrong.

I wrote letters to the city, bus line, state reps — every one I could think of to get some help. I got very little.

As Red Cross volunteer, I was chosen to represent them at a meeting with the Bloomington-Normal Transit System in April 2007. The Teal J line was started in July 2007.

It took more than five years of letters, calls and meetings to get a bus to pick me up at my door.

My only other choice of transportation was to ask family or friends to pick drive me. Having to ask someone makes me feel as if I am putting them out, so usually I stay home.

With the Teal J, I have independence. I can go shopping when I want to. I can go visit friends and volunteer at the American Red Cross of the Heartland.

If the Teal J gets cut, I will be housebound. I have been looking for a job, but those hopes will be cut.

It makes me more than a little mad that the bus company spent millions on a new bus garage that it obviously can’t afford. Whatever happened to care and respect?

Edward Feist, Bloomington


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