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The actions of the Democrats at the State of the Union address made apparent many things that would lead a reasonable person to believe the following:

— They are against letting U.S. intelligence agencies gather information on al-Qaida in order to guard against another attack on our soil.

— They are against our efforts in Iraq to help that country become a bastion of democracy in the Middle East.

— They are enthusiastically against Social Security reform that would keep that program solvent for future generations.

— They are for higher taxes.

— They think the purpose of the courts is to legislate from the bench.

— Their hatred of George Bush transcends any attempt on their part to come up with anything resembling a reasonable alternative to any of this nation's challenges.

This is not a complete list and there are really no surprises. I'm just glad the congressional Democrats were able to put their act on display for the whole country to see.

Gary G. Goveia



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