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Democrats creating own global threat

Democrats creating own global threat

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There's a new greenhouse gas with a deadly twist.

We hear about the carbon-methane gases affecting global warming. There is a new more deadly gas. It's called "Demomethane" - persisting since 2004 elections.

Bipartisanship was declared and the Democrats declared the Congress a do-nothing Congress, while defeating Social Security reform, tax breaks, health care reform, homeland security, a total of six significant bills, 85 percent to 92 percent voting against.

Remember Pelosi of "cut and run," Durbin calling troops Nazis, Kerry slamming the intelligence of the troops, Schumer "stay but must leave as quickly as possible," Reid calling for impeachment while stressing nonpartisanship and CNN cooperating with terrorists in exchange of information.

Entertainment celebrities court President Chavez as he slams our leader, and bleeds U.S. citizens at the gas pump. Politicians' e-mail may be scanned; drug dealers, pedophiles and criminals may be wiretapped, but suspect terrorist are off-limits.

Islamic extremists teach elementary children that Americans and Israelis are "pigs"and "chickens," needing to be killed. Clerics preach our destruction.

Demomethane brings warming to this side of the "globe" and demeans the veterans.

"United we stand, divided we fall," but some don't really care.

Robert Koehler



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