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Dog ordinances need to cover all breeds

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As a proud owner of a pit bull, I just wanted to say that these new rules and regulations that are being proposed (in Bloomington) should go for all breeds of dog and not just specific breeds.

I live in a decent neighborhood and just last week I walked out my front door during the middle of the day to find a black lab standing on my sidewalk growling at me. I quickly returned inside. I see people walking through my neighborhood repeatedly with one, two and sometimes three dogs. None of which has a leash. The lack of respect and ignorance of these people astound me.

In my opinion all people should have to be certified to own an animal. There are way to many people out there who have no business owning or caring for an animal and unfortunately many of them own pit bulls.

Banning pit bulls is not going to solve all these problems. In fact it will most likely just make it more appealing to people who raise dogs to fight. I know there are few who stand with me on this, but we need to place the blame on the owners and not the animals. It is irresponsible owners who are causing these problems, not pit bulls.

And in response to Helen Dorethey's letter titled "Walker feels unsafe with pit bulls around," (YourViews, Jan. 3) there are many more things to be frightened of while walking the streets than a rumor of a vicious pit bull running out of nowhere and biting the neighborhood dogs.

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