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It seems as though most drivers have forgotten a little thing called turn signal use. Is it just laziness, inconsiderate or just plain dumb that makes you people not use the turn signals on your vehicles? Plus, this is a dangerous thing not to do.

Maybe I can help. The next time you get in your vehicle take a moment and look down at your steering wheel. Notice the lever to the left of your steering wheel? That's the turn signal lever!

Now I know that lever could have other functions on some cars, cruise-control setting, windshield-wiper activation and windshield-washer activation. Don't be confused.

I know this is a surprise to some of you since you never use it, but lever will also activate your turn signals.

In the event you have steering wheel controls, that makes that lever's use even less confusing and easier to understand.

Now, when you want to turn right just pull that little lever up and it will activate turn signal lights on the outside of your car, front and rear, that will blink indicating to other drivers your intent of turning and which direction.

If you want to turn left pull down on that little lever and the turn signal lights on that side of the car will blink, again indicating to other drivers as to your intent. I hope I have explained this in simple enough terms so everybody understands.

I forgot one other thing. You should activate your turn signals well in advance of the place you are going to turn thereby giving people behind you warning of your intent, not as you are turning. I hope I have helped and educated some people.

Kenny Lahr



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