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Driving at night safer than walking at age 17

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Many responsibilities are given to 16-year-olds. When you turn 17, no new privilege is given. I believe that 17-year-olds should no longer have a driving curfew. By time the drivers have reached 17, they have matured enough to be out after the current curfew.

This is where I feel the curfew law is at fault for unnecessary ticketing of 17-year-olds.

We are given the permission to walk freely on the street, but this causes other much worse possible consequences. It leaves young adults in danger of being attacked by predators while they are walking the streets. If anything, there should be no driving curfew as it is much harder to harm someone who is driving than it would be to hurt someone who is walking along the street.

Yes, this raises the amount of people driving. Opponents may say that it is a risk for accidents. But it reduces the risk of people being mugged, kidnapped or even raped.

I would not find it fair to be punished if I was responsibly driving home at night and received a ticket for curfew without doing anything wrong. There is no fear of being attacked when you are in your car driving safely following the rules of the road. Seventeen-year-olds are capable of this responsibility.

Collin Joyce, Normal


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