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Enforce the existing immigration laws

Enforce the existing immigration laws

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Senator Hillary Clinton says a price will be paid by politicians who try to pass tougher laws or enforce existing immigration law. I submit that Mrs. Clinton is out of touch with the overwhelming sentiment of American citizens - at her political peril.

This is a nation of "legal" immigrants - though native Americans may object - and we should and do openly welcome legal immigrants. For centuries people from many nations have legally immigrated to our shores to find a better life. They worked hard and learned English.

Now, we face a flood of illegal immigration across our southern border. When border guards apprehend some, present policy says to book and release them on this side of the border. Ridiculous!

The Immigration and Naturalization Service is reportedly more inept than Bush's management of the Iraq war.

The Illinois governor's race is also a factor since the present governor appears far too cozy with illegals and those who employ them. Did Topinka take a stand?

If 10-12 million illegals already here are all given citizenship their immediate family members - south of the border - would add millions more to the total. Federal and state budgets already overloaded would be heavily impacted. Motor/voter programs may already be allowing non-citizens to vote here.

The long-term, fiscal health of this nation is looking very shaky thanks to reckless Bush policy.

We need some guest-worker adjustment for seasonal labor and possibly limited, earned citizenship for those with clean records, English speaking and 5-10 years tenure.

U.S. religious complicity by aiding and abetting violation of federal law is not helpful and encourages millions more to jump the border.

It's odd seeing George and Hillary in bed together.

W: Liberal on trade, fiscal policy, immigration and environment abuse.

Gary M. Bourret



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