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One perk of aging is that, if you've tried hard, you just might grow up. That is called being "adult."

When I read Martha Irvine's front page article with the headline "Society gone wild" on June 4, I knew that I have at least come close to that state.

If there is any person out there who thinks that the feminist movement has not degraded women and men, read this article.

Abortion rights, use of contraceptives and the pursuit of equal rights in the workplace have, in fact, joined to reduce women to the status of sex objects - and thereby have caused men to display their own worst characteristics.

Twenty years ago I worked in an elementary school and witnessed the principal reprimanding fourth-grade girls for wearing makeup at school. Why didn't we take our cue then?

I am a grandma now, of a 2-year-old girl and a 2½-year-old boy. Upon their births, it became very clear to me that the best way I can love them in this age is to help them understand their own personal God-given dignity so that they can grow to seek wisdom and knowledge and love and never deny their worth for a thrill of their own or for anyone else.

Those who profess to be adult should be dramatically protesting this pornographic, look-at-me culture and certainly not promoting it by participating in it.

And as for the exhibitionists, if they think that all they have to offer the world is a pretty body, I'm truly sorry that no one has told them how precious they are as a person to God.

Judy Hirsch



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