Free people don't need to be spied on

Free people don't need to be spied on

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An interesting national news story broke on Dec. 20 - featured on radio and TV, but absent from The Pantagraph.

That story was the supposed "terrorist" groups that the FBI was investigating - the Catholic Worker movement, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Greenpeace and the American-Arab Anti-Defamation League.

Terrorist threats? Last time I looked the Catholic Workers were feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. Tsk, tsk, how un-American.

And those furry creature loving PETA people were watched at public workshops where they distributed vegetarian recipes. I suppose this is a threat to the health of red-meat America. Be careful parents, was your child at the "Vegan Community Project" the FBI tracked at the University of Indiana?

Well, if these groups are not suspicious enough, how about the North American Wholesale Lumber Association? The FBI was there at this group's peaceful protest in Colorado Springs in 2002, tracking license plates. The timber folks' peaceful gathering probably concerned foreign imports, but perhaps a terrorist was loose in the woodlot.

The Bush administration puts our finest young people in harm's way in Iraq, supposedly to stop terrorism. If that's true, then don't harass and inhibit free Americans. Let's continue to exercise the Bill of Rights - free to worship, assemble, speak and think - even if one's ideas are controversial.

We don't need secret police, a president dispatching spies to church groups nor secret prisons overseas. Let's fight terrorism by showing the world how free people live. The FBI trailing Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s did not move us forward to a just society and the Bush spy policies won't help protect us today.

Danny Craig

Rural LeRoy


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