God gave us freedom to make our choices

God gave us freedom to make our choices

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I agree with Robert Ivy (“Bible is not the lone source for morality,” YourViews, Jan. 14), that moral standards have existed for centuries. God has put in every human since Adam a conscience that helps a person know in his heart what is right. I also agree that man chooses to listen to his conscience or not to listen. God did not dictate that man must obey him, but gave us all freedom to choose.

The writer stated "the virus of a personal God infected the mind of man." In a sense, he is correct. Somehow Christianity spread throughout the known world, and who can explain how 11 ordinary men could have had such an impact. But, this was truly a labor of love and devotion for those disciples who walked with Jesus as he taught them, "love those who hurt you, give what you have to the poor, put others before yourself, forgive the wrong-doer, do what is right ." Adolf Hitler could not of been a Christian. A true Christian will love his neighbor, not kill him. As we try to reason with our limited understanding, without God "infecting" our hearts, we fail. If man can figure out how to choose right over wrong, why, as our society drifts further away from faith and belief in an almighty sovereign God, do the crime statistics keep going up and the prisons fill to overflowing?

Yes, we do choose and the most important choice you will ever make is to choose to believe. Jesus gave up his life for me, for Mr. Ivy and for all mankind. We are to believe with child-like faith, not fear. And we want to obey God out of love, not fear. But there is something that all should fear, and that is spending eternity without the Lord. I'd like to see Mr. Ivy walking the streets of heaven. I pray he will choose to believe and ponder these things in his heart.

Linda Rogers










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