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I am ready for a taxpayer revolt. Our taxing bodies continue to do as they please - sort of within the boundaries of the law.

It's interesting that the Heartland Community College president did not want a referendum concerning the proposed expansion because it might take two or more tries to get it passed.

What could possibly be wrong with a full and open airing of this issue?

One assertion is that the proposed increase in real estate tax on a mid-level value home would only be about $20 a year. I just paid my 2007 taxes and noticed that Heartland's tax has increased $20.21 this past year.

I looked at last year and the increase was $4.37. The year before, it was $20.21.

My tax for just this college has increased from $178.06 in 2004 to $223.22 in 2007. The total three-year increase is slightly over 25 percent. If there is a $20 increase for the building proposal, that will bring the increase to almost 37 percent in just four years!

I am confident the board will find other minor increases from normal increased operating costs to inflate this next increase several more dollars.Bloomington is now saddled with an incredible tax burden - disguised as an improvement in quality of life, spelled Coliseum.

The city had a nonbinding referendum advising against the white elephant, but the City Council went ahead - indifferent to the wishes of their constituents.

Since the last election, not one alderman who voted for the Coliseum remains in office.

Heartland board members were elected to act in the best interests of the community. They should take ownership of that trust and seek the will of the people. If the expansion proposal has merit and adds appropriate/measurable value a referendum will pass. Trust the will of the people.

J.A. Copes



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