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The issue of expansion of Heartland Community College is of great public interest. Doubtless, the most important human responsibility is the education of our children.

Heartland is willing to do its part in performing this task, which requires financial resources. Unfortunately, the issue of how Heartland should secure the needed resources has been highly politicized.

A recent opinion article in the Pantagraph ("Lack of vote is failure of Heartland, not petition group," OurViews, May 25) attempts to apportion blame for the path taken by the parties involved.

The U.S. population is expected to reach 400 million by 2150. Growth of the U.S. economy will present many challenges, including a shortage of workers, in every field.

The current immigration bill before Congress emphasizes the need for a skilled and stable pool of foreign labor for American businesses.

Currently, about 27 percent of the physicians in the United States are from abroad. Approximately 3 million workers in the computer industry are from Asia and other countries.

The above data suggest that, perhaps, we are not educating our own young people at a pace that keeps up with demand. That is, our educational institutions need to train more people in technical and vocational education.Educational advancement of children is simply essential. If done wisely and carefully, we can never spend too much money on education.

Heartland has shown vision, progressive thinking and resourcefulness in serving the educational needs of not only our immediate area, but, perhaps, the whole state of Illinois. For instance, Heartland should be commended for proposing a program that may help students with pre-med education closer to home and in a cost-effective manner.

It will be wise for people of McLean County to approve the expansion plans of Heartland Community College and approve the needed monies for them. To do otherwise may well prove to be extremely shortsighted in the long run.

Gian C. Sud



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