Honor heroic forces who have kept us safe

Honor heroic forces who have kept us safe

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This would be a good time to remember our wonderful men and women who serve our country with bravery and honor around the world every day. They have kept us safe and free from the terror of the Islamo-fascists for over four years by stopping the evil and stupidity where it starts.

I thank Almighty God for the sacrifice and service of these brave troops of ours who are putting their lives on the line to keep us free and make a better world at the same time.

Only four short years ago, our American civilians were sneak-attacked at the World Trade Center and mass-murdered by the most vile and ugly Islamo-fascists of bin Laden and his al-Qaida. Since then, our country and our leaders rose to the call and challenge just like we did at Pearl Harbor and have fought for freedom and truth ever since.

I thank God for our forefathers, from President George Washington to President George Bush who have not shrunk from doing the hard work of battle to make us and keep us free. They are the true heroes of American history and world history.

Let's take the time to make sure we keep these brave American troops and leaders in our prayers every day. They are truly the patriot heroes who have always been the ones to answer the call of freedom.

Without God's blessing and the sacrifice of our soldiers and sailors we would all be tyrannized by filthy and dark-hearted thugs. May we continue to fight the good fight against communist tyranny and Islamo-fascist stupidity.

James R. Bourke



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