If smoking is banned, what about drinking?

If smoking is banned, what about drinking?

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With the upcoming vote on the smoking issue and many opinions being voiced, I find there are still more points to be made.

First, to those who want pure food and drink there is no such thing. There isn't anything we eat or drink that hasn't been processed with something not pure, causing many diseases which have made healthcare costs skyrocket.

For those targeting bars, there are many laws already in placed regarding alcohol. I don't believe alcohol is a better habit, and maybe we should change those laws, also. Maybe we should close the bars, too.

If banning smoking in all public places passes, then I feel there should be police officers outside every restaurant and bar making sure our sidewalks and roads are as safe as our air.

Since this won't happen because of a lack of police force, maybe we should just close all alcohol-serving restaurants and bars. If smoking can only be done in your own home, then so should drinking. This would also solve employee problems as well because the ones complaining about working in a smoking environment would be forced to seek other employment rather than enjoying the freedom of choosing their employer.

Business owners have invested great amounts of time and money in a business they want to run the way they see fit. Since no one is forced to frequent or work in any business they feel uncomfortable in, passing this law would be an infringement on business owners' rights to freedom that unfortunately won't stop with the smoking issue.

Nina Locke

Rural Hudson


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