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Iranian president could open some eyes

Iranian president could open some eyes

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Watching the interview with the president of Iran on "60 Minutes" clearly shows why it is the No. 1 infotainment news show in America today and a propaganda arm for our federal government that seems bent on setting the stage to attack Iran.

Too bad the Iranian president was not more straightforward in answering some questions. For example, when asked, "You say the United States is acting in a threatening manner to Iran. Why would you say that?" He could have said, "Your administration says that we are one of three countries in the 'Axis of Evil.' And look what they did to Iraq."

Or to the question: "Is it true that Iran has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Hezbollah?" He could have said, "Since the United States has given Israel, a relatively wealthy country, over one hundred BILLION dollars AND untold tons of munitions, is it not fair for us to give Hezbollah something with which to defend themselves? Why does the United States give so much to Israel?"

He could have mentioned that the U.S.'s reaction to Iran wanting to build a nuclear reactor is demonstrating the greatest hypocrisy of all. The United States already has 102 operational nuclear reactors, each of which changes 0.6 percent of their fuel into plutonium every year. This means that U.S. reactors are creating enough plutonium to make over 1,000 new nuclear bombs each year. And yet the U.S. administration wants to halt the creation of ONE such power plant in Iran?

He also could have asked, "Since the United States is spending 200 times more on defense than Iran, why do so many Americans consider Iran a bigger threat to the world? Could it be that Americans are the most entertained and the most misinformed people in the world today?"

Victor Connor



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