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So our governor of Illinois, Blagojevich, has another plan to reach into taxpayers' pockets. In a quote from the Chicago Tribune, Feb. 12, he wants an "equal playing field, and a chance at the American Dream," by providing free preschools for 3- and 4-year-old children.

Doesn't this man know that children aren't equal! Those who are siblings may resemble each other in appearance, but may have entirely different personalities and motivation.

But what happens when these children go home? Do they go to a stable environment; or do they go to a home of multiple siblings with, perhaps, multiple fathers? Are some families on welfare; or do some have overindulgent parents who say yes to their child's every whim?

Parents need to learn that "No" is not a nasty, four-letter word. They should use it, both for the benefit of the children, and maybe for themselves, too!

A child needs love, caring, guidance and encouragement. A child must be taught that it is good to learn; to become an educated person; to have dreams; and to want better for themselves. It also means that they should not do harm to others in reaching their goals.

This is not the responsibility of daycare, of baby sitters, of preschools, the public or private educational systems or the taxpayer! It is a parental responsibility!

Many people give of their time, and money, to help those less fortunate, especially in times of great need.

But, for how long can others keep asking for help, before even trying to help themselves?

And how can anyone think of more ways to spend money, when other bills are still unpaid?

Or, is this just another ploy by our governor, to get ever so many people to re-elect him?

Promises are easy; following through is not.

Marilyn R. Swanson

El Paso


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