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Job of Congress is to protect our rights

Job of Congress is to protect our rights

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While American security may require wire taps without subpoena, FISA allows for such wire taps, but a subpoena must be obtained within a given time period. The president is indicating he does not need to do so. The Bill of Rights suggests this is illegal. The president is not above the law.

The president has allowed people to be determined “enemy combatants,” and, therefore, to be held for months, even years now, without being charged and without benefit of counsel. He has also stated that torture may be approved by him if national security would benefit. Neither of these is acceptable according to the Bill of Rights. Again, the president is not above the law.

There are three branches to government, which are designed as checks and balances. When is Congress going to balance the president by checking into illegal wire taps? An independent investigation of the above acts by the president and his administration must be made. The American people deserve the security of knowing that their private conversations are not being listened into without due process of law. They need assurance they cannot be determined “enemy combatants,” and, therefore, held at will, without being charged and, if deemed necessary, tortured for information.

National security has no meaning if these personal rights are not protected. If these rights are not accorded to others, then there is the risk they may not be accorded to any of us. So, where is Congress?

I urge all concerned Americans to phone or write their congressman and their representative and ask them what they are doing to protect the American people from threat at home.

James H. Turner Jr.



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