I have spent nearly my entire adult life ministering to and counseling people. During those years, I have observed the physical and mental damage that living under stress can do to even a healthy human body. Not only can stress be harmful in and of itself; stress can actually accelerate the progression of many other diseases that attack the human body. Stress can be so harmful to the body's immune system that even that God-given system can break down and prevent the body from fighting disease and, thus, not respond to healing.

Soi, what's my point? Stress is most certainly building up in the minds and bodies of the citizens of Illinois. If you don't think you are stressed out by those who govern the state, especially that the legislative and executive branches are adding stress to the lives of so many of our residents, perhaps you are being dangerously naive.

This situation has to change and change quickly before further damage is done. I could list many examples of the stress we are living under; however, I need mention only two: the state budget fiasco and the present threat of endangering public education.

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We even experience stress when we drive out-of-state, due to being embarrassed, because our license plates read, "Illinois."

What can be done? Let your voting do the talking. What's the alternative? PTSD! I pray not.

Phil Queen, Normal


Digital Producer

Digital producer for Lee Enterprises Central Illinois.

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