Is it safe to drive on Veterans Parkway? Well, I guess it depends on whether you consider it a drive or a race!

Personally, I use this stretch of road on a daily basis in my job and it's scary. I have noticed in problem the last couple of months. I can't remember seeing any police presence, so where are they?

Something needs to be done to combat the speeding, the three-lane change and the old tailgating.

If something is not done, I fear there is going to be a terrible wreck - or, as they say in NASCAR, the Big One!

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This letter is not targeted at our police. The purpose is my concern for everyone's safety. If something is not done and quickly, it could get serious.

In closing, maybe they should change the name of Veterans Parkway to NASCAR Parkway, but then again it could be that even the NASCAR drivers might hesitate to drive on our Veterans Parkway or should I say Raceway.

Donald R. Hilts



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