More to fear than secondhand more

More to fear than secondhand more

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If you do any of the following, secondhand smoke is the least of your worries: consume tap water, bottled water not purified by reverse osmosis, meat, dairy products pasteurized or homogenized, food in cans, boxes, jars, anything packaged by major food producers, prescription and non-prescription drugs; use microwaves, non-stick or aluminum cookware, sugar, aspartame; eat in restaurants, especially fast-food; don't exercise; and don't eat organic.

Pharmaceutical companies and major corporations control the FDA, AMA, FTC, Washington, the world. Read food ingredients. Chemicals and preservatives addict you, make you hungry, fat, and cause diseases. There's 150,000 chemicals not required on labels, all FDA approved.

Pharmaceutical companies and the AMA say diseases are only cured by drugs and surgery. All lies! Surgery maybe, but drugs have never cured disease. Drugs suppress symptoms of a disease, and give you another disease. Ideally, you'll take pills for each disease, everyday for the rest of your life. After a long hospital stay, they can mercifully overdose you.

Prescription and non-prescription drugs have killed hundreds of thousands. Our protectors, the FTC, have never prosecuted a drug company, corporation, or the FDA. Anyone marketing natural cures is prosecuted; and because those can't be patented, pharmaceutical companies can't make money.

All the information above is documented proof, and documentation is out there. Educate yourself! Next you'll want council people to ban grocery and drug stores. There are natural cures and organic food available.

You see, it's all about money, politics, and power. I have cancer and heart disease, but don't worry about me and my smoke, because this dummy educated himself. I don't consume chemicals. I inhale. Tobacco companies must have stepped on the wrong people's feet. So all you chemical consumers, keep on consuming and dying the American way.

Billy Kletz Sr.



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