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History will prove the The Pantagraph embarrassingly wrong in its wrong-headed belief the Bush administration did not deceive Congress and the American public about reasons for invading Iraq ("Bad intelligence doesn't mean Bush lied," OurViews, Nov. 21).

Bush of late has opted for the "devil made me do it" defense with a dubious claim he received bad intelligence, blaming the CIA for poor information.

But if you've followed the ball, it was Bush and his friends in the administration who manufactured the deception needed to convince Americans it was necessary to invade Iraq.

Bush wanted war with Iraq. So he cherry-picked negative - wrong - reports to support an invasion and rejected and hid all valid arguments that said otherwise. It is for that reason Bush should be impeached.

Apparently, you're not paying attention or are unable to decipher the deception based on your recent editorial, "Bad Intelligence Doesn't Mean Bush Lied."

You obviously harbor undeserved loyalty to Bush by ignoring these lies: WMD threat: not. Iraqi ties to al-Qaida, a fabrication. Iraqi nuclear material quest in Niger, another fib. Aluminum nuclear tubes? Bush knew better. Traveling bio-labs. False and Bush knew it. An imminent mushroom cloud? Fear-mongering at its worst. "We do not torture!" Duh?

Of course, Bush had to lie. Otherwise Americans wouldn't have allowed this Iraq catastrophe, which is killing our young and innocent civilians, ruining our worldwide image and all-volunteer military and draining our national treasury.

Today, the facts are slowly emerging that prove Bush intentionally misled this country into war.

Bush deserves no protection from editorial apologists. Rather, he should be impeached for crimes against humanity and removed from office.

Sadly, in America's darkest hour, The Pantagraph proved itself a docile, gullible GOP water boy that sold us pathetic self-deceptive drivel wrapped in misplaced patriotism. Please, take off the blinders.

Randy Kull



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