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Patriotism more than praising your country

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In my estimation… and I am only thinking of this country as I contemplate this:

Patriotism is a genuine love for your countrymen, for the people around you. It is an unselfish concern that they are protected and that the ideals - not to be confused with the sometimes crass reality - of your nation survive in time, in part because you recognize that God had a hand in establishing them and partly because you see that they are the best that man has achieved to date.

It is an affinity for those who are like yourself - those who on the whole love God and love righteousness, those who think of others beyond themself, those who love liberty because liberty is the only circumstance that affords man the ability to choose - possibly to fail and be able to try again - to serve God and to do right.

In my estimation, it is a love for your fellow man - other children of God - and the household of faith in which you reside, which happens to encompass in our case a very large physical land. To love that which is good, and to want to protect it, defend it and praise it.

Carrie O'Rourke

Rural Arrowsmith


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