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Pious accustomed to disappointment

Pious accustomed to disappointment

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Alas, thin gruel for the carnivorous megachurched in this elections cycle.

With the advisory referendum on same-sex marriage having apparently fallen short of the minimum number of valid signatures necessary to gain ballot position, their nutritional pyramid has been reduced by one outrage.

And, with everyone on the gubernatorial line being at least “soft” on the paramount “social issues,” pulpit passion is pretty much reduced to “Bu-bu-but, he doesn't live in Springfield!.”

It's not as though the pious haven't become accustomed to disappointment. At every opportunity, the Republicans have done so much for the avaricious; but they have thrown only the same, old, meatless bones into the pews to be re-gnawed.

It would be enough to try the patience of the most faithful Christian, if many or any of the “godly” wing of the Republican Party could be so described.

For what doth it profit a man if someone else scores one obscene tax cut after another, if someone else receives a juicy congressional earmark or a no-bid war profiteering contract, if someone else is green-lighted to scatter God's own McLean County fields with “little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tack…” or if someone else has the street between his mansion lawn and the verdant fairways of Bloomington Country Club paved with bricks from the Fort Knox depository?

Is that man's affordable health care assured? Is his pension protected? Doth the hailstorm of taxation fall on the just and the unjust alike, or doth the rich man shelter beneath a FICA earnings cap whilst the poor man lieth at the city gate with his 1997 minimum-wage check crumpled in his hand?

John Jordan Moore



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