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Politicians seem to like trying impossible

Politicians seem to like trying impossible

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President Bush and Governor Blagojevich are my two favorite politicians because they try for the impossible. Bush wants to stop illegal immigration and Blago wants to take junk food out of school lunches.

Both quests are likely to fail because they go against the profit motif.

Businesses can pay illegal aliens cheap wages, and food processors realize greatest returns from junk foods.

Another politician seeking the impossible is Senator Obama. He wants to unite Democrats.

Secretary of State Rice insists the United States does not torture prisoners. When I was in the Navy just being sent to Guantanamo was torture enough.

The House of Representatives plans to cut taxes on stock dividends and capital gains. To show impartiality about cutting, they will also cut Medicaid and food stamps.

Blagojevich is backing a minor league baseball stadium for Marion. Trouble is, no league will play there because it is too far removed from existing venues. Perhaps he saw that movie: if you build it, they will come.

Can you imagine anyone building a sports facility to which no one will come?

Meanwhile, the trials of Saddam Hussein and Governor Ryan persist. Bush is going to get his wish for a democratically elected government in Iraq. But I'll clue him: it won't be fundamentalist Christian.

In a few years, if not sooner, Iraq might form an alliance with the elected fundamentalist Islamic government of Iran. And if the people of Saudi Arabia ever overthrow the monarchy and elect their own government, then we will be in deep doo-doo.

That's not a happy thought for Yule.

Bill Linneman



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