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Ponder how things could be different

Ponder how things could be different

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Do you wonder:

If you don't compute, or e-mail, you're not a minority, but a non-existent person?

If all advertising stopped, would the world still go around? Isn't it supposed to be love?

If all the politicians were honest for a month, what would happen?

If all trash throwers, and traffic sign ignorers, would clean up their act, would it be a safer and cleaner world?

If there's a drug or pill for everything? How about a bad hair day, or a hang-nail?

If school attendees would look and be neat and clean, would their grades improve?

If the media would quit the fascination with cleavage, would it focus on brains?

If the print on many things weren't so small, would you really find out what's in the products that are sold?

If all the coal, oil and underground resources were depleted, would the world collapse?

If that word “responsibility” were used, would people understand what it means? Or is it always someone else's fault?

If telemarketing was totally prohibited, would it be a quieter life?

If some of the people “on the dole” were cut off, would they find work?If everyone didn't seem to want so much today, would their debt be less?

If people would quit hating and killing, would it really be a more peaceful world?

OK, people are different, and I'm thankful for that. How would you like to see yourself everywhere?

Life can be fun, enjoyable, difficult, or traumatic. You manage, but sometimes don't you just wonder what if?

Marilyn R. Swanson

El Paso


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