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Stop the continuing sellout of America.

President Bush says people who criticize his immigration bill "don't want to do what's right for America."

During his presidency, millions of immigrants have poured over our borders to work for substandard wages. Now, each of 12 million to 20 million low-income alien households is entitled to approximately $21,000 in welfare every year.

A continued influx of unskilled workers increases poverty and the demand for welfare. However, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, its corporate allies and the Hispanic lobby don't want the flow to stop.

Bush's bill has no serious provisions for border security. Instead, it waives the deportation penalty for illegal entry and grants legal status - and eventual citizenship - after a fine of $5,000, which some senators think is excessive.

Legalizing illegal workers grants pardons to employers who hire them.

The bill also allows for 400,000 "guest workers" into the country each year. That's bad news for American workers. This backroom scheme can't be what's right for America!

How can a president who rambles to his own drummer, a few left-wing senators, corporate interests and lobbyists be allowed to erode our national culture and lay the horrendous expense of this amnesty on American taxpayers?

We need less emphasis on a supply of cheap labor and more emphasis on allegiance to American workers, their safety and welfare.

We need preservation of our national culture. Federal, state and city governments should enforce immigration laws, even in the workplace.

Many of our politicians are out of touch with the American people. Our voices are drowned out by corporate demands, lobbyists, immigrant support groups, the church and partisan bickering.

Our representatives must look long and hard at what they want America to be for our children and grandchildren.

Richard Salome



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