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Punish bad drivers instead of all teens

Punish bad drivers instead of all teens

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As a teen driver, I feel that the new teen driving laws are too strict. I also don't think all teen drivers are bad ones. If they have a responsible adult in the car with them for the 50 hours as they are supposed to have during their permit time, then they should do fine.

I realize that isn't always the case, but there are teens in Bloomington-Normal who have responsible parents who help them when they drive.

Teens who don't have a responsible adult may need to either find an adult who they can drive with or convince their parents to help them when they drive.

By changing the driving rules like they are scheduled to now, we will be punishing the teen drivers who obey the rules and don't drive dangerously.

I think a good way to counteract this would be to make the punishments for the teen drivers stricter. Instead of a one-month license suspension for two moving violations in two years, make it closer to three months for two moving violations in 1½ years. If the teens fear the consequences that come with reckless driving, they will follow the rules.

Another good idea may be to score the test differently.

When a teen driver takes the tests and gets a grade of 95 percent or better, they should receive a license that follows the old teen driving laws. This way, the drivers who have had more driving experience or are safer drivers don't have to wait as long to receive the full privileges of a licensed adult.

There will be a window of opportunity for teens who aren't good drivers so they can practice more to try to get into the 95 percent and above slot. It will, in turn, create safer drivers

Brad Saunders



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