Require training for city's problem dogs

Require training for city's problem dogs

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I was appalled by the comments supporting breed bans. According to Mr. Zaffiri, ("Dangerous breed has no place in Twin Cities," Page C1, Fegb. 5), I should abandon my faithful companion since I'm an educated, productive and positive member of my community. According to Mr. Zaffiri, I'm suited for nothing more than gangbanging, based upon my pet.

Then again, it isn't surprising that such remarks would come from a member of our community. After all, certain council members won't even read e-mails citizens send to their office. Oh, the efficiency of technology and its ability to notify me when representatives are deleting my opinion without reading it.

Tuesday night, my parents' pit bull passed. The dog I had known since I was 12, was the very reason I chose to adopt a pit bull when I moved out. He died not because of his strong jaw or muscular torso; he died because his heart was too big.

As I listened to my mother sob on the phone, I too started to cry and hold my own dog nearer. In Denver, they killed hundreds of pets and adoptable dogs with no obedience problems, based only on breed. Why would anyone willingly inflict that heartache on anyone?

Open your eyes, and maybe then your hearts wouldn't be so dead. By supporting breed bans, you are supporting the killing of animals, you are condoning owner abuse and you are preventing people the love, protection, and companionship of a beautiful creature.

If Bloomington (council members) wanted to protect citizens, they would require obedience training for problem dogs, they would make animal safety education a priority in our public schools to protect children and they would enforce the current laws concerning animal cruelty, regardless of any breed. Simple minds come up with simple and ineffective answers. Hopefully, for the sake of everyone, this will not be the case.

Amanda Finfrock



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