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Smoking should be allowed in taverns

Smoking should be allowed in taverns

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I have been reading about the no-smoking policy to begin in the Twin Cities. After careful consideration, these are my comments as a non-smoker:

I despise tobacco products. We know what they can do, but adults choose if they want to smoke or be around it.

One change in policy needs to be reconsidered — taverns. Taverns are totally different from the other establishments. They are for adults only. Children should not be there under any circumstances.

Don't allow parents or other patrons to bring children in, period. You must be 21 to enter a tavern.

Adults then can choose if they want to be in a tavern or not. I know of many taverns in other towns that don't allow anyone under 21 to enter.

Taverns will lose money. Drinking and smoking are two things that seem to go hand in hand for some adults. Forcing taverns to not allow smoking won't help them at all. They will lose business.

I know many people will believe I am wrong, but adults in this situation should have the right to smoke in taverns.

Greg Wargo



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