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Speak out at hearing to oppose reactor

Speak out at hearing to oppose reactor

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On Wednesday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will hold a public hearing regarding the early site permit application for a potential second reactor at Exelon's Clinton nuclear power plant.

The meeting will be from 6 to 10 p.m. at Clinton Junior High School, 701 Illini Drive. Please join me there to express the folly of another nuclear reactor!

Nuclear power is unnecessary, very expensive, contributes to global warming and above all is unsafe.

The NRC's Environmental Impact Statement says that a power plant will have "small" impact. To me, this conclusion is incomprehensible!

Through nuclear fission, nuclear reactors create radioactive isotopes which are lethal, carcinogenic and mutagenic. One millionth of a gram of Plutonium-239 is carcinogenic; its half-life is 24,300 years.

In the cooling pools of Clinton, near your house and mine, "spent" fuel rods contain radioactivity equivalent to thousands of Hiroshima bombs. In terrorist times, this level of risk is unacceptable.

Reactors routinely release radiation into the environment - like tritium into the groundwater - and near-misses of serious nuclear accidents occur frequently.

There is no method, no place on Earth, for safe storage of the nuclear waste which already exists, and which will have to be tended forever. We need no more nuclear power. It bequeaths a legacy of lethal waste to all future generations.

Alternatives can provide clean, green, far cheaper, inexhaustible and safe energy.

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are crucial, along with wind, solar, biomass, hydro and other promising energy sources. These already exist and deserve to now receive federal support equivalent to the amount previously given to nuclear power.

For the sake of life on Earth, join me in telling the NRC you want your taxes used for safe renewable energy instead of nuclear power.

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