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Students might not like all changes bill brings

Students might not like all changes bill brings

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An Illinois State University student recently wrote, referring to Obamacare, that elections ought to matter and this is the change her generation voted for last November.

She’s correct, elections do matter and if this is the change her generation wanted, then they will surely have it. I hope they will be happy with other changes coming along with this bill.

One change is the lower standard of living their generation will experience resulting from the massive deficits and additional taxes necessitated in the years outside the 10-year window calculated by the Congressional Budget Office.

Another wonderful change will be the opportunity to be one of the first generations of Americans to have poorer health care and a lower life expectancy than their parents due to rationing of care in the future. History has shown this happening in every country where this in place. People are not treated for many diseases after a certain age. This may sound fine until it is you or a member of your family that is denied treatment.

Perhaps this generation of college students is so intellectually superior to those who have come before them that the laws of economics will now cease to exist under their expert tutelage. Who knows, they may be smarter. After all they did get the opportunity under this new law to be coddled by their parents for five years longer than my generation.

I’m not against change, but this bill only exacerbates the current problems and offers few viable solutions.

David Fedor, Bloomington


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