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Texas board’s action may affect all schools

Texas board’s action may affect all schools

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We cannot allow the state to indoctrinate children with their ideological bias. To exclude information is encroaching, but to intentionally distort history for the state’s benefit is oppressing.

The curriculum change proposed by the Texas Board of Education, set to be finalized in May, is the worst imaginable scenario for a state regulated system. The school board, along party lines, is abusing its curriculum setting powers. It’s become an expressed outlet to slant information toward a political ideology.

The U.S. school system has many issues, but it provides at least some very needed education to millions of children annually. While a long journey from perfection, it is imperative that we act immediately to protect our children from a government more interested in political positioning than fact. The notion that academia has become too “leftist” is dangerous rhetoric for everyone.

There is a higher rate of liberals in education than the rest of the population. The reason for this and the effects of this on academic information, however, are not known. If individuals want “conservative” viewpoints in academic information, they should dedicate themselves to contributing correct information to the academic community. This community of information alone should influence any curriculum.

Governments with an expressed agenda are reaching their fingers into areas appropriate only in Orwellian fiction. Due to the system of textbook publishing companies, this action may affect much of the United States.

Please, by any appropriate means, resist this approaching atrocity against truth, freedom and our future.

Zach Parton, Normal


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