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I enjoy the letters very much on evolution vs. creation. It's kind of funny to hear what some call fairy tales compared to the real facts.

Theory says the sun, which mysteriously appeared one day, exploded, scattering planets and stars into outer space, which also was, mysteriously, already there. Strangely, these planets started to orbit the sun. Fact might reason these new planets would become a mere cinder. But theory says it formed all sorts of things on top of a molten core. Somehow, layered rock, oil, water, soil, gold, silver, etc., all formed. What a story!

But that's nothing. Soon, you mysteriously have oceans filled with fish. Wow! All good fairy tales need some glue to hold them together. So I wonder, what kept these oceans from spilling into space. I know, gravity. It only makes sense.

Theory would have it that man evolved from one-celled organisms that lived in this water. One day they just walked out with lungs. Even if they did have to use their hands to walk, this was great!

Fact would only have it that there had to be a male and female to reproduce. So, mysteriously, there was at least two.

Theory tells us that while all this was taking place, glaciers were moving across the Earth. Also, the continents were drifting aimlessly in all this water. Facts tells us grass, trees, birds, cows, sheep, mysteriously are all on this Earth. Would fact ever ask from where? Would theory ask?

Theory would say they just evolved over time. They had to, didn't they? How else could they be here?

Sometimes, it's very hard to tell a theory from a fairy tale.

Tom Adcock



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