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Every time I drive by a gas station, I ask myself, “Is this really the kind of change people expected with Obama?”

As a retiree on a fixed income, I’m being eaten by inflation.

Economics 101: If you print money by the trillions and pump it into the economy, the value of the dollar drops and everything costs more.

Throwing money at every problem solves none. Look at the sorry state of our education system. Teachers’ unions suck up every tax dollar they get and clamor for more. Yet, where are our children academically? Below many third world countries.

Our cost per student is the highest in the world while performance is among the lowest. However, they feel good about themselves, thanks to the emphasis on ego maintenance rather than academics.

Heaven help us when they hit the tough job market and can’t even put together an intelligent sentence in a conversation — to say nothing of a job application. They will be perfect pawns for “Big Brother” government because they haven’t been taught to reason, communicate or think for themselves.

As long as ego preservation is more important than teaching students how to think intelligently and solve problems, our country is in trouble.

Between Obama’s economic policies and the National Education Association’s control of the teaching establishment and our kids’ minds, the prognosis for our country is not hopeful.

Thank God my hope is in him, because it’s obvious that political parties don’t have answers to the problems we face.

Paul M. Petry, Heyworth


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