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U.S. stung by kicking Mideast hornet's nest

U.S. stung by kicking Mideast hornet's nest

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I applaud Ned Lamont's victory in Connecticut. But Joe Lieberman refuses to accept defeat, claiming his state needs him. What state is that - Israel?

Incumbents beware! The apathetic masses are waking up.

Israel receives billions in U.S. aid annually, much of that in lines of credit to shop at our fighter aircraft, tank and bomb factories. Wonder why Arabs hate us?

Obviously, Israel has powerful allies or agents in our Congress. Israel and Egypt receive about $5 billion and $3 billion annually.

Congress should divert some foreign aid from Israel and Egypt to help rebuild Lebanon. And they need to neuter this imperial president and attorney general from those 800 signing statements that exempt the errand boys from U.S. laws against torture, etc.

The American Bar Association commission, composed of distinguished Republican and Democrat lawyers, believes Bush is violating his oath of office and worse. Hold your breath for this Republican Congress to threaten impeachment.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and Israel use overwhelming military superiority to kick the Middle East hornet's nest. And we wonder why Arabs are trying to blow up aircraft headed for America.

We pray to the god of oil.

Foreign policy at the end of a bayonet only inflames the buttocks and invites retribution. Ariel Sharon saw the only hope for that region. The war hawks will always be buzzing but wiser heads must try to contain the dark side of mankind.

Eisenhower recognized it too with its influence from the military-industrial power elite.

Gary M. Bourret



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