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Universal care isn't 'socialized medicine'

Universal care isn't 'socialized medicine'

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Someone recently asked whether Democrats have any new ideas. Liberals have one basic, constant "new idea" - to rescue ordinary folks from the loss of liberty.

Liberals want to free people from conditions limiting freedom. Liberals want to change things for the better. That defines liberalism. Anti-liberal talk-radio people want to re-define this meaning of "liberal," but talk does not change the truth.

Because liberals want to help ordinary human beings get out of poverty and ignorance, political liberals created the War on Poverty, the Head Start Program, Social Security and Medicare, not to mention voting rights for women and the end of slavery.

Today we are seeing these successful American projects of hope and caring attacked, diminished, and mismanaged by the present administration.

Liberals have long stood for what the general welfare needs - for farmer and city-dweller, worker and manager, doctor and teacher.

Liberty gets lost when people in charge care much more for profit than for people. It gets lost when administrators care more for concealment than for "a government of the people."

Liberty gets lost when Congress cares more for "rubber-stamping" some narrow vision of what is good for us rather than for the general welfare of a lively, multi-faceted republic.

Right now liberals think it's time for universal health coverage because it is something reasonable citizens need at this time.

Is it "socialized medicine"? No, it's a sensible American response to an overdue American need.

As we have in the past, we need to care for one another. We need representatives not influenced by rich friends, rich companies and rich lobbyists.

Such caring led liberals to help poor people in the War on Poverty, old people with Medicare, disenfranchised women and millions of slaves in the past. Now we must care for those who need medical help.

Joris John Heise



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