Veterans’ needs same as in past

Veterans’ needs same as in past

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George Washington spoke often of American unity and cohesion, knowing these are the hallmark traits of a public rallied around our service members. He was a veteran, deeply and indelibly concerned with the welfare of his comrades long after they had left the fields of battle.

Though he outspokenly hoped for America’s permanent cessation from war, if he were alive today there is no question he would have the same commitment to serve his fellow living veterans, and to forever honor the memory of those perished in defense of their nation.

The needs of that veteran, a Continental Army soldier from 230 years ago, are not so different from the needs of our veterans today. It is not the sacrifice of one veteran, but all veterans of all American wars, who have afforded us the opportunity to stand here today in freedom. Every citizen and every person who has sought refuge within the safety of our borders has done so at the cost of a veteran’s sacrifice.

This is the mission of the D.A.V. Not an obligation, but an honor and our duty as grateful Americans!

The chapter meets at 2502 Fox Creek Road, Bloomington, at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of every month. We have two certified service officers to do VA claims. Our next meeting is Jan. 22.

Cleo Jordan


The writer is commander, McLean County Disabled Americans Veterans Chapter 60


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