Veterans waiting too long for help

Veterans waiting too long for help

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Where is the voice of Americans regarding the disgraceful “backlog” in processing claims of our veterans for pension assistance? Over many years, this “backlog” of veteran claims has been allowed to grow and fester with some waiting as long as two years for a VA decision.

To address the current affordable healthcare launch problems, we are told additional resources have been engaged to fix the problems within five weeks. Why has not similar attention been given to the VA backlog years ago?

No longer should our veterans have to accept the current VA response: “Systems are currently being developed with the goal of improving this situation in 2015.”

In trying to assist my brother, an ailing 88-year-old World War II Navy combat veteran, I have experienced this unacceptable mess. His wait was 12½ months, during which time he exhausted $20,000 in savings at a healthcare facility and is currently broke. His pension was granted on Sept. 20, 2013, and 20 days later he was advised it is now “proposed” to reverse that decision.

After being injured in the South Pacific while serving his country and experiencing foot pain for the remainder of his life, he must now fight this unconscionable treatment by his nation as represented by the VA.

I would appreciate explanations from our elected representatives in Washington, D.C., including our president, as to how they allowed this “backlog” to continue on and on. Where is justice?

Darrel Kline



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