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We're losing our rights 'inch by inch'

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President Bush has declared those that disagree with his Iraqi policy are not only irresponsible debaters, but do not support our troops and are aiding the enemy. He is wrong, just as he is wrong on spying on Americans without a warrant.

Iraq was a war Mr. Bush wanted. The paper trail he left confirms this.

It will be up to us to stop him from taking away our Constitution, Bill of Rights and rule of law. We are losing them inch by inch. It started with the First Amendment Zone, having to sign loyalty oaths to see him and now our military spying on groups that peacefully protest the war. This is happening to Republicans, too. Searches on the Internet are being watched. What criteria are they using to decide who they peek on? Were the words bin Laden or bomb in your search?

Mr. Bush does not have a plan to stop the killing in Iraq. He hopes the elections will fix things. It looks like the religious Shia theocracy will prevail. But they did get Chalabi in as oil minister.

The cost of this war is bankrupting us. It will reach $1 trillion. And bless Mr. Bush for letting China hold our IOUs. That will give us leverage as China backs Iran.

Where is the sacrifice as only a few families send their loved ones over and over and over again to Iraq? How many of us would sacrifice 1 percent of our tax cut to help our debt from going to China? I bet many would. Democrats offered this, but Bush said "No." Where will Americans stand?

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