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In 1997, a lobbying group, the Project for the New American Century came into being and they have been very open in their opinions as well as keeping meticulous record of their thoughts and ideas on their public Web site.

In 2000 they published an extensive document that clearly spells out their ideology as to the future of the United States on a global scale.

It states that the U.S. should: preserve and extend the global pre-eminence of U.S. military forces, maintain nuclear strategic superiority on a global scale, be able to fight and win multiple and simultaneous major theater wars, shift permanently based U.S. military forces to Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia and change naval deployment patterns relative to PNAC concerns in East Asia.

Other PNAC Web site commentary discusses establishing strongholds in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and regime change in China.

From my perspective and likely from the perspective of non-militant others, this agenda sounds rather extreme especially in light of those supporting this agenda and whose names appear prominently in this Web site, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, I. Lewis Libby and John Bolton, to name a few.

As those listed above hold incredibly high-level positions in our government, does this now mean that the intention of the United States is to fulfill these very expansive PNAC missions at the expense of U.S. soldiers' lives and extensive taxpayer dollars?

Could Iraqi insurgence; Chinese, Iranian and North Korean saber rattling; the Bolivian Cocaine threats; and the increasingly negative world opinion of the United States in actuality, be the response of the world body as they have also seen the writing on the Web site wall?

Could the world body be telling PNAC and the United States that world domination is not acceptable?

Bob Gallagher



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