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From Our Archives: Year-round school bad idea for students

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President Obama is trying to come up with a plan that would require students to go to school year-round. I think that year-round school would have a negative impact on students and wouldn't be very encouraging.

Many students wouldn't want to go to school year-round and would get tired of it, which would result in many drop outs. Having a summer vacation gives students motivation throughout the school year.

Some students like to enjoy their summer by participating in summer sports. Also, many families go on summer vacations, so year-round school would stop them from enjoying time with family.

Students work hard throughout the eight months that they attend now, so they deserve a break and time to relax.

Some students work over the summer to save up money for college, so with school being year-round, they wouldn't get that opportunity.

For over 100 years, failure to change the school calendar to one year has occurred. Billee Bussard, a Florida Democratic Party Activist and a strong Obama supporter, said, "It is an idea that has been tried and failed for more than 100 years."

Also, some schools today can't afford air conditioning to run during the eight months of school now, so over the summer, students are going to have to sit and sweat, maybe even pass out while chipping away doing work when they should be enjoying their summer vacation.

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Overall, year-round school would have a negative impact on the lives of students.

Julia Sines, Normal


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