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Newspaper games and puzzles have a feverish following. Many people start their day by teasing their brains with the crossword puzzle or a word search and it's nearly as important as that morning cup of coffee. Games & puzzles

For those who find that once a day is not enough, has added a selection of word puzzles and other games to give players another way to get their fix.

The games and puzzles page, at, features 20 interactive games sure to challenge and amuse players.

The games range from arcade style play to card games and a nice selection of word puzzles.

Following is a brief description of all the new games:

Alley Cat - Guide an alley cat across a series of moving platforms without falling. Don't worry; you have nine lives. Game style: Arcade

Bumper Cards - Create piles that add up to 21 by clicking on the stacks. Don't go over or you'll be busted. Close multiple stacks in a row to get a multiplier bonus. Game style: Cards/Arcade

Chicken & Eggs - Catch the falling eggs dropped by the chicken in your basket. It starts out easy but soon gets fast! Game style: Arcade

Digital Air Hockey - It's you versus the computer. Choose between an easy, medium or hard challenge in this fast-paced and fun game-room classic. Game style: Arcade

Family Time Crossword - A crossword puzzle geared for the whole family that allows parents to interact with kids in a fun setting and work together to reach a common goal. Game style: Word puzzle

Free Cell Solitare - Move cards of the same suit into the top four piles, starting with the Ace. Use the four free cells in the upper left as temporary storage areas. Game style: Cards

Jonesin' Crossword - If you're looking for sharp humor in a puzzle, this is for you. The smart and irreverent clues and answers are sure to create addicts. Game style: Word puzzle

Make Your Own Game - Choose your movement, ship or weapon, enemy type, and difficulty to create your own arcade game. Game style: Arcade

Moon Lander - Carefully guide your ship to the landing pads using as little fuel as possible and without crashing into obstacles or hitting the ground too hard. Game style: Arcade

Pardon My Words - Hangman-style puzzle. Fill in the blanks before the stick figure is hanged. Solve all the words to reveal the complete phrase. Game style: Word puzzle

Play Four! - Quick, challenging 4x4 puzzle. Not too hard that you can't finish it in a few minutes, but it makes you think enough to come back every day. Game style: Word puzzle

Shock Bowl - A fast and fun bowling game. Click on the ball and a wiggling arrow points the direction of the ball's spin. Release the ball and it's on its way! Game style: Arcade

Sudoku - The hugely popular "numbers crossword." Fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9. Game style: Number puzzle

Universal Daily Crossword - This timeless classic features a new puzzle every day of the week. The interactive interface makes playing online even easier than on paper, but with every bit of the challenge. Game style: Word puzzle

Universal Trivia - Get ready for some great online trivia. Featuring five fun categories, some jazzy music and a likable host, this is a game show made just for you. Game style: Trivia

Up & Down Words - Use crossword-style clues to fill in two word phrases. The second word of each phrase is the first word in the phrase that follows. Game style: Word puzzle

Wonderword - A word search that uses every letter on the grid except a select few, which form that day's secret "wonderword." Game style: Word puzzle

Word Roundup - A fun twist on the old favorite word search puzzle, in which the words you find are based on crossword-style clues rather than given to you outright. Game style: Word puzzle

Wordsense - If you like crosswords, board games and little wooden tiles, you won't be able to resist Wordsense. Features some interesting twists - like exploding tiles! Game style: Word puzzle

Word Up - Create as many words as you can using the key letter provided in each round. Place the key letter in the highlighted box for bonus points. Game style: Word puzzle


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