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Gibson City Board OKs request for building ideas

Meeting: GCMS school board

When Feb. 13

Key action Authorized a request for architectural proposals for a concession stand/restroom facility at the middle school's baseball field; renovation of three first-floor high school rooms to science labs; preliminary plans and cost estimates for an addition to existing weight room near the high school's football and baseball fields.

Other action : Set a date of March 2 to meet with Mayor Dan Dickey regarding the city's proposal for a third tax-increment financing district, and changed the 2007 spring break to the first week in April.

Council nixes plan to extend TIF area

Meeting City Council

When Feb. 13

Key action Voted not to extend TIF I, scheduled to expire in Dec. 30, 2009. A second TIF district will end April 28, 2026.

Other action Voted to change an ordinance so that Ford County Youth Soccer Club can build playing fields on property the club owns on South Wood Street, near County Market.


City changes zoning for new Casey's store

Meeting City Council

When Feb. 7

Key action Changed a zoning district from residential to commercial to build a Casey's General Store. Casey's purchased two properties; on one, a business will be torn down; the house will be moved within a month from a residential property.

Other action Appointed Elizabeth Skinner as alderman for Ward 3 and hired part-time patrolmen Jeffrey Clatfelter and Jamie Layman.


Ridgeview OKs plan for state tournament

Meeting Ridgeview school board

When Feb. 13

Key action Voted to allow the high school cheerleaders to compete in Springfield for the state ICCA Cheerleading Championship in March.

Other action Accepted the resignation of J. Patrick Newerry as assistant high school baseball coach, effective immediately.


Council OKs hike in trash service fee

Meeting Town Council

When Feb. 7

Key action Approved a $5 increase in garbage service fees, effective May 1. The board will also consider purchasing a garbage truck.

Other action Approved donating $150 for the Prairie Central after-prom celebration.


Village OKs move to buy two pumps

Meeting Village Board

When Feb. 6

Key action Approved accepting bids for two ejector pumps for the east side of town to help four or five homes unable to connect to the water-sewer lines.


Park district replaces kitchen equipment

Meeting Mount Hope/Funks Grove Park District

When Feb. 6

Key action : Approved replacing missing equipment in the kitchen where a new daycare is getting started, along with placing water in the daycare rooms and fencing around the playground.

Other action Heard an exercise room will open soon and the board is accepting equipment by donation.


Council OKs cost for water main test

Meeting City Council

When Feb. 6

Key action Unanimously approved spending up to $1,200 to share the cost of a water main inspection and testing with Robert's Sysco to help the company begin moving into the warehouse by May 15 and shipping products from the $14 million warehouse in July.

Other action Approved spending up to $1,000 to connect drainage ditches from the Robert's Sysco warehouse site to a city-owned retention pond that's been dug along the west side of Connolley Road.

South Streator

Woodland drops scheduling system

Meeting Woodland school board

When Feb. 6

Key action Dropped its system of scheduling classes, something that has been debated for years. The new schedule will call for eight class periods a day rather than longer periods of classes held on alternating days.

Next meeting 6:30 p.m. March 6.


City takes no move on tax rescission

Meeting City Council

When Feb. 6

Key action Took no action on a resident's request to rescind the utility tax of $40,000, since the city is solvent. City officials said the money is needed and already has been budgeted.

Next meeting 7 p.m. March 6.


Village changes rule for visitors' topics

Meeting Village Board

When Feb. 6

Key action Passed a resolution requiring meeting visitors to present topics in advance to be added to the agenda.

Other action Discussed establishing an ordinance preventing hanging meat in public viewing.


Village OKs motion for railroad crossing

Meeting Village Board

When Feb. 6

Key action Approved proceeding with a motion to have T.P. & W. build a railroad crossing at Western Avenue. The projected cost is $165,000 to the railroad and $16,500 to the village.

Other action Reviewed plans to construct a water treatment plant and will accept bids through Feb. 28. Animal control officer Ron Richards announced his retirement as of March 1.


Council OKs fees for using materials

Meeting City Council

When Feb. 2

Key action Approved charging city employees $24 a year for using city cell phones, requiring receipts for purchasing city uniforms and rejected allowing the use of city vehicles for personal use.

Other action Approved a $250 fee to apply for an emergency radio frequency, a $150 generator service maintenance contract, a $50 donation to the after-prom committee and $295 to replace a computer monitor.


Council to accept bids for bathroom remodel

Meeting City Council

When Feb. 2

Key action Will accept bids to remodel the baseball park bathrooms to make them handicapped accessible.

Other action Discussed replacing the village lawnmower.


EP-G postpones talk on high school teams

Meeting: EP-G school board

When Feb. 2

Key action: Postponed discussing adding junior high school wrestling, high school soccer, and high school cross-country teams.

Other action Heard natural gas prices in December were $47,543, a $20,536 increase over last December.

Council OKs bid to develop a well

Meeting: City council

When Feb. 6

Key action: Approved a $44,225 bid for developing a well.

Other action: Hired Brandon Martin as the director of the recreation department.

Compiled by Jean Noellsch, Kay Bose, Connie Seastedt, Dave Tompkins and Greg Stanmar.


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