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Michelle Wright usually hears a little giggle when she gives friends directions to her house, especially this time of year.

"Go to Comet, then to Dasher, then to Dancer," she said.

Mike Bristow raises a few eyebrows when he gives directions to his house, too: You take Comet to Prancer to Donner.

Wright and Bristow don't live at Santa's Village in the North Pole. They live in White Tail Ridge, between old and new U.S. 51 near Heyworth.

The subdivision only has five streets and each is named after one of Santa's reindeer - Dasher Drive, Dancer Lane, Prancer Drive, Comet Lane and Donner Court.

"Our engineer (Dave Schmelig) came up with the idea," said Jim Finnigan, who developed the subdivision with David, Paul and Bob Kieser. "He threw it out and we thought, 'That doesn't sound too bad.' "

The developers already planned to name the subdivision White Tail Ridge because a white tail deer jumped across the former farmland when they were surveying the site early in the process, Finnigan said.

Early on, the streets just had deer names. Bristow, who was one of the first to own property in the subdivision, said his street originally was named Doe Court.

"We got a chuckle after it was renamed," he said.

Bristow's street name alone - Donner Court - doesn't cause much of a stir, but that's not true of some of the others.

"We do make fun of everyone on Prancer Drive," he said.

Brenda Karr, a resident of Prancer Drive, just uses the name to her advantage. "I say it's (the name) just like the reindeer," she said.

Streets in White Tail South, an addition currently under way, will be named Antler Drive and Fawn Court. Some of the homes will be ready this summer.

That will give new residents plenty of time to plan a Christmas party on Rudolph Drive.


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